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Priit Tammeorg

University of Helsinki


Priit Tammeorg started his biochar journey back in 2010, beginning his PhD on what has now turned out to be one of the longest actively monitored field experiments on biochar.

Having a background in organic farming and agroecology, the potential of biochar as one of the most efficient tools for carbon sequestration, has always fascinated him. The other main motivation behind his research was to find ways to improve soil fertility via improved oganic carbon stock and higher water retention capacity. After defending his doctoral thesis in 2014, he continued working with the long-term experiments, as a post doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki.


Since 2017, Priit is adjunct professor and leads the AgriChar research group at the University of Helsinki. The group's main topics are currently the long-term effects of biochar in Nordic conditions to soil biota, soil physico-chemical properties and nutrient cycles and main crops of Finland. In addition, the group is actively pursuing ways to recycle nutrients from waterbodies back to agriculture with the help of biochar.


In addition to his research, Priit has been an active organizer and networker of the biochar sector in Finland and Northern Europe. He and his research group hace organized three national biochar seminars and three national biochar workshops. In 2013, Priit was the General Chair of the Organizing Committee of the 2nd Nordic Biochar Seminar in Helsinki, with 95 participants from 14 countries. From 2012 to 2016, he was the Substitute Member of the Management Committee of the EU COST Action TD1107 (Biochar as option for sustainable resource management).

Priit has been the founder and President of the Finnish Biochar Association (Suomen Biohiiliyhdistys SBY ry, 2017 - ongoing) and the main responsible for  it's webpage and Twitter account. 


Photo: Priit Tammeorg


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Selected publications


Effect of biochar on phosphorus sorption and clay soil aggregate stability

Helena Soinne, Jarkko Hovi, Priit Tammeorg, Eila Turtola

Geoderma 219-220 (2014) pp 162-167


Biochar application to a fertile sandy clay loam in boreal conditions: effects on soil properties and yield formation of wheat, turnip rape and faba bean.

Priit Tammeorg, Asko Simojoki, Pirjo Mäkelä, Frederick L. Stoddard, Laura Alakukku, Juha Helenius

Plant and Soil 374 (2013) pp 89-107


Biochars in soils: towards the required level of scientific understanding

Priit Tammeorg et al.

Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management 25 (2017) pp 192-207



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