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Kathrin Weber

Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Kathrin first got in touch with biomass research when joining the Unit of Technology of Fuels at RWTH Aachen in the summer of 2011, after having finished her studies. She initially focussed on straw combustion, but her biochar journey began soon after, when she was invited to participate in a working group on the emission control of biochar production facilities (VDI 3933 Emission Control. Production of Biochar).


In the fall of 2014, Kathrin left Aachen in order to pursue her PhD at the Department of Energy and Process Engineering at NTNU in Trondheim. She fpcused on biochar production and properties - both from a modeling and an experimental point of view. After defending her thesis early in 2018, she continued as a postdoctoral researcher at NTNU, where she currently works on a project on fertilizer production and utilization from biochar. 


With a background in fuel engineering, Kathrin's work has always had a very technical emphasis. Her main biochar interests lie in the pyrolysis process itself and how the production conditions can influence the product properties.


She has co-edited the first book on biochar production, properties and utilization in German language, which was published in 2016. 


Due to her activities, Kathrin got in touch with researchers from different biochar communities and was always surprised by how little one group knew about the other. She felt the need to create a network, in which people working in the various fields of biochar research can meet and interact. Since April 2018, she is spending much of her free time into planning the network and managing the homepage.




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Selected publications

Properties of biochar

Kathrin Weber, Peter Quicker

Fuel 217 (2018) pp 240-167

An alternative approach for the estimation of biochar yields

Kathrin Weber, Sebastian Heuer, Peter Quicker, Tian Li, Terese Løvås, Viktor Scherer

Energy and Fuels (2018), in print

Biokohle. Herstellung, Verwendung und Eigenschaften von Biomassekarbonisaten

Peter Quicker, Kathrin Weber (Editors)

Springer Vieweg (2016)

ISBN 978-3-658-03688-1

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